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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Expanded Studio and My New Finds

It has been such an incredible world wind. I started this business thinking I will do a little here and a little there. Never did I think that in just a few months time:
  •  I would open a small studio,
  •  Have a team of incredible craftsmen,
  •  Have so many design jobs that I have people waiting,
 and then on top of it all,
  • Expand my studio from one to two rooms.

Let's just say; It's pretty amazing!!!!! It's a lot of juggling, but so much fun. One of the best benefits is the amazing connections/friendships I am making and the unbelievable pieces I am picking up.

Here are just a few of the pieces that headed off to the studio yesterday.

One thing I am struggling with in the studio is whether to restore/reupholster or paint a piece before  I tag it for sale.


Do I sell the pieces as is and work with the customer on customizing it to fit their decor. 

Definitely waiting, practically speaking, is the best choice because someone might pass on a piece, even if they like it, because it doesn't match their home. It also allows me to sell the pieces at a lower cost.


Alot of people can't visualize what a piece can look like in a different color or with different fabric and so they pass because they just can't see it.

SO now you understand my dilemma. Any ideas what I should do? I would love to hear them.

I have moved almost everything out of my garage with the hopes (at least of my husbands) that I now have the space to work on them at the studio. This will allow me to be there more often and get to talk to my customers and help them visualize how a piece could look.

So please stop by and say Hi, I would love to see you.

Take Care,