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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Craigslist, Goodwill & Flea Markets ; Vintage Finds Ready for Some TLC


I have had so much fun getting ready for the opening of the SHM Designs Studio. In between the cleaning and painting, I have actually been able to squeeze in some "Picking". Picking basically means looking for great old pieces that can be restored, refinished or re purposed. One of my favorite things to do. It is amazingly satisfying to take something and give it a whole new life. I love it.

Here are a view of my latest finds:



Estate Sale

Estate Sale


Flea Market

Estate Sale

Estate Sale

Antique Sale
( 2 twin beds that are amazing)

footboards for the twin beds

Antique Sale
( this would make a great top for a table)

All of the furniture pieces I plan to reupholster and refinish either with paint or stain. They will be available to see and purchase at SHM Designs Studio on Main Street in Reisterstown. If you see any pieces that you would like to customize or buy as is for a DIY project, just email me at stacy@shm-designs.com. 

Take Care,

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Before and After Accent Chairs

I know I promised a post on my finished family room but I haven't gotten my before pictures ( I never found my pictures so my mother-in -law is emailing me some of hers).  I promise You will get to see it as soon as I get the pictures!

BUT ...........

I have something just as exciting.... Well almost.. I am pretty excited about my new family room. 

Remember the 2 dining chairs I got from Goodwill.....

Here are the steps I took to give them a much needed update:

Unscrewed the seat and back cushions from the chair and sent them off to Susan for her upholstery magic.

Lightly sanded the wood so that my paint would  have something to adhere to.

Painted chairs with a Sherwin Williams latex primer. ( didn't take a picture of that sorry) and allowed that to dry... I know you think I am going to say overnight like I should .....but..... I am much to impatient for that. As soon as it is dry to touch I move on to the next step. I would never get anything painted if a strictly followed the directions. Everything is wait 24 hours in the written rules of painting.

So where was I...

As soon as they felt dry, I did a very light sanding just to make sure it was smooth to touch and then painted them with a high gloss Sherwin Williams black paint.

Love the little details of this piece. Having these little details really allows for a mixture of old and new.

Then all I had to do was wait for the seats and backs to be done...........................

Actually it didn't take long at all. So here are the finished products:

I really love how these turned out. Can you believe these chairs came from Goodwill.  The fabric used on these chairs is a Greenhouse fabric which retails for $60/yd. The black geometric design  is actually a black velvet. Unbelievably Pretty!!! I will be selling both Greenhouse Fabric and Duralee Fabrics from my studio space on Main Street in Reisterstown, so call and make an appointment to look at fabric or just stop on by ( by the way, I made a mistake on store hours. They are Wed -Sat 10-5 and Sunday 12-5). I have tons and tons of sample fabric books for you to browse to find that perfect fabric. You will find my prices to be below retail price.

These chairs will be for sale at my studio SHM Designs on Main Street when I open in February. Their cost will be $250 per chair. These would be great flanking a buffet in a dining room or a table in a foyer. They would also be magnificent in front of a desk in an office. Really anywhere you want to make a statement.

I found some comparable chairs to compare prices:

Louis XVI Square Back Side Chair

Ballard Design $481

Crate and Barrel $349

Sneak peek at two more pieces I gave some TLC to:

Can't wait to share their reveal!

Take Care,

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Say Goodbye to Yellow

My husband and I built our house 9 1/2 years ago. It was such an exciting but also challenging time in our lives. MY husband's buisness was busier then ever and I had three children under the age of 5 with my youngest being just a year old. My builder would give me deadline dates for all the items I needed to have picked out and I would attempt to meet them. Taking 3 children to pick out tile or counter tops was not only crazy but at times down right histerical. I can only imagine what those salespeople talked about after I left. One of the last decisions I had to make was paint color. Lets just say by that point they could of graffitied the walls and I wouldn't of cared. I was maxed out on making decisions. So I decided to paint most of the house a yellow gold. We were planing on using our old furniture for a while and that color seemed to match everything and I thought it was neutral enough that it would go with anything I added.

Fast Forward nine years and I am ready for big changes. Not only are we ready to buy new furntiure for our family room but I am completely tired of yellow, red and green ( my current three main colors). I want something fresh, crisp, warm but clean looking.  I also want to draw the atttention away from the fact that I have three two story rooms on my first floor. I am hoping to do that by painting the walls a dark color to draw the eye down.

Saying Goodbye to Yellow

This color is by Sherwin Williams. It is called Sanderling and I absolutely LOVE it. By the way The person on the ladder is Josh. He is an amazing painter and I would recomend him to anyone!!! If you are local his website is http://ludwigpainting.com/index.html.

I am desperately looking for my before pictures so that you can really appriciate the transformation. I think my kids deleted them from my camera. Hopefully not, but either way I will reveal the room next post.

Take care,

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Back On Main Street

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

I know, I know, WHERE HAVE I BEEN!  Better Time Management I swear is my New Years Resolution. ( Lets keep our fingers crossed) But really, I have been planning and doing alot of things and I am REALLY excited about this new year. Since opening SHM Designs, things are just moving so fast and in a million directions and I am not good at saying no to anything. But, I think I actually have a good, easily managed plan (are there really such things?).


First on the agenda

Get a Studio .....DONE

Yes, Can you believe it. I am so excited!!!!

Starting in February, I will be back on Main Street in Reisterstown renting a one room space at a great antique and gift store called Things You Love Antiques and Gifts, owned by Maggie Herman. For those of you who started with me at Little Luxuries your in for something totally different
but just as great. This will be a second floor space which will allow me to not only meet with design clients but also sell some great home decor pieces and furniture. Most of my pieces will be vintage finds that I have either refinished, restored or re purposed...


Not only have I been loving designing but I have had the best time reworking and updating old pieces of furniture and accessories.  So much so that I have decided I need to stop just storing them for a potential client and get them out there for everyone to see. I am going to take this slow( I know that's hard to believe) and see where it leads me. If its a hit, then who knows where I will end up. But for now its going to be at

243 Main Street in Reisterstown

The shop is Open:

Sat. 10:30-5
Sun. 12-5

Beads You Love co-owned by Mary Dansicker and Maggie Herman also shares a space at Things You Love Antiques and Gifts. Beads You Love is a Chamilia Jewelry retailer offering a line of Chamilia products, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, Murano glass beads, sterling silver, gold and Disney beads.  Customers can create personalized bracelets and gifts. Things You Love Antiques and Gifts  takes up most of this adorable house. Owner, Maggie, has a great eye for antiques and other home decor items. She also restores and updates furniture to sell,  makes custom slipcovers and sells vintage jewelry.

Since a huge part of my business is working with clients in their homes, I will be in and out of the store. My hours are by appointment only. However, Maggie and Mary will be at the shop whenever it is open and will be able to sell any of my items that you may want to purchase.
At SHM Designs you will see FOR SALE:
  • Refinished, Restored and Reupholstered Pieces
  • Vintage Pieces ready to be reworked
  • Greenhouse and Duralee Fabric Samples(for ordering fabric)
  • New Home Decor Accessories
  • Custom Made Pillows
You can make an appointment by either emailing me at stacy@shm-designs.com or calling my cell; 410-409-1830.

Hope to see you there.