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Friday, June 8, 2012

Kitchen/Mudroom Renovation

I have been working on this incredible kitchen/mudroom renovation for a couple of weeks now and am so excited to share what we have done so far.


Typical me, did not take  pictures of the pantry which is a small room(large for a pantry) to the left of the refrigerator.

The open doorway that you see in that little alcove, is the laundry/mud  room.  (Again, sorry,forgot to take a before picture.)  Even though my client utilized every space to it fullest potential, it was way to small for this active family of five.

Besides the fact that these rooms were not very functional, lighting was definitely not adequate. There was no natural light and the ceiling lights were not even close to appropriate. Taking down the wall between the two rooms and rearranging the washer/dryer and tub sink layout, created this wonderful laundry/mud room space that will work well for this  family. And, as an added bonus, we were able to provide some natural light by adding an exterior window at one end of the room.

(Note to readers)being able to add natural light to a room will make a smaller room feel larger and more open. It is a wonderful feature in a room and can be done at a minimal cost. Definitely a lot of bang for your buck!

Mark( my can't live without carpenter), built these unbelievable cabinets and cubbies, which as you can see, completely surround the new window. This is not only amazing to look at, but really adds a ton of storage. One cabinet is completely open for storing the vacuum, mop and broom, and the other side has shelves for holding baskets of gloves, hats and other outdoor wear. The base of this unit will also hold baskets for housing shoes.

Along the wall opposite the washer and dryer, we are going to add a row of hooks for hanging coats and bags.

And speaking of the washer and dryer, don't you love the "washer/dryer carport" (as Mark named it). It not only gives you the built in look but it allows for a wonderful folding area right above the dryer. I am loving it! Lastly, we were able to use two of the old cabinets from the kitchen for storing detergent and cleaning products. Once painted, they will look brand new. Nothing like saving a couple hundred dollars on new cabinets.

Well, that's all for now. So much is happening in the next two weeks. I will have lots to share. Hopefully I will remember to take the pictures!

Oh, and did I mention the whole first floor is getting ripped up for all new hardwoods. Wait till you see it.  I am sooo excited!!!

Take Care,