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Monday, May 2, 2011

New York City Trip

This Saturday I went to New York with my oldest daughter Sara and her whole 8th grade class. We had  so much fun! New York is such a great place to find inspiration.

Take a look:

Our first stop was the MET (Metropolitain Museum of Art). I could of spent DAYS  here but we only had 1 hour (can you believe it).

Sara and her friends at the entrance. 

 The buildings architecture was magnificent!

One thing that I was completely amazed with was the elaborate frames. They were definitely an important part of the design of each piece.

The picture behind my daughter and her friend was a painting that had, for whatever reason, not been completely finished. The face was still just a pencil drawing.

Here is a better look.

A three story building front inside the Met! It was incredible.

This stained glass window was created by William and John Bolton. It was one of sixty windows made for a church in Manhattan called Holy Trinity in the 1800's. The church has since been renamed St Ann. The Bolton windows were the first figural stained windows created in the United States.

Beautiful clay pottery

These are two grand pianos built in the 1800's. The first was so simple but beautiful and the second was very ornate. I could picture it a grand pallor filled with people dressed in beautiful gowns and suits.

An 1800's Organ.. What a statement these pieces must of made in a room.

I found such beautiful architectural features in every room I entered.

This old iron wall/gate was truly magnificent.

The rooms below were filled with French antiques. I loved these rooms! Sorry for the dark pictures. I was not allowed to use flash in the MET and these rooms had wonderful drapes on the windows which made the rooms very dark.

The Met had a roof top garden which I highly recommend if you ever go there. It gives you an incredible view of the city from alot of different angles.

The workmanship and colors used in the tapestries were magnificent.

Love the floor!

Look at the detail of this urn. Amazing!

More architectural fronts of buildings inside the MET. You really need to get there. I am definitely going again!

Another aspect of the city which I thoroughly enjoy, is walking the streets and looking at all the work by local artist. I find it so fascinating to talk to them and listen to how passionate they are about their pieces and what inspired them. 

I fell in love with this piece and my friend with the one below. They are oils done on stretch canvas. The artists name is Arturo Arboleda. He was such a nice man and so excited to talk about his pieces.

While walking around we discovered St. Patrick's Cathedral. Truly breath-taking!  Even my daughter and her friends were amazed. Of course the first thing out of all of their mouths were; "I want to get married in a place like this". Every girl wants to feel like a princess when she gets married and this would sure be a great start!

What a wonderful mother/daughter day. As she gets older there are fewer and fewer of these so I cherish every one of them.

Take care,

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