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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Exciting News

Everyone has a "love" for something. There is a love for food, wine, travel, clothes, shoes, jewelry, art.....well you get my point. Some loves are affordable and you can experience them often and others, because of their price tag, are only in your dreams. That is how my love for french antiques have always been. Be it the real thing or a reproduction, I never seem to get past the price tag. With that said, it still has never stopped me from designing whole rooms filled with  beautiful antiques.

So what am I so excited about....  Tara Shaw. A company which sells both antiques and reproductions that are really affordable!!!

Here is a little bit about the company:

Having scouted Europe almost two decades for “one of a kind finds” to fill discriminating antique stores and clients homes, I feel I have touched the best. As a designer and importer of antiquities, I’ve always envisioned an affordable line of reproductions that look and feel as good as antiques.

Tara Shaw Maison was birthed from that vision and includes my favorite pieces that I’ve imported from Italy, France and Sweden. The collection is hand carved with natural patinas that will become your NEW CLASSICS to compliment contemporary or antique furnishings. It has taken over four years to perfect the carving and finishes, but each item has been reproduced true to the original 17 – 19th century antique.

Take a look at some of her reproductions:

(Just purchased for a client)

(Just purchased for a client)

Soon, you will be able to view and purchase all of Tara Shaw's beautiful pieces on my website.

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  1. Love Tara Shaw...met her last year at the mart and she was delightful.