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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Well, I wish I could say SHM Designs Website was out of construction, but that would just be way to much good news for one day! No, what is finally through the construction phase is a house in Harrisburg which I have been working on for about a year now. Friends of mine decided a couple of years ago to move back to their hometown of Harrisburg, PA and build their dream house. About a year ago construction started and a couple of weeks ago they moved in. Since then, they have had an earthquake, a hurricane, and a flash flood, closing their children's new school for the past 4 days. (Yes, their house is still standing but MOM is not).

My friends have allowed me to share with you some pictures of their incredible house (thanks guys). This project is still very much ongoing, so I will be sharing these over several posts.

I hope you enjoy!

The front of the house is an L shape. Unfortunately, I am not the best photographer so I didn't think to get it at the other angle. Sorry, you only missed seeing ...OH... half of the house. Hopefully I will get better.

This is the back of that side of the house that you didn't get to see. Of course, I would take a picture of something everyone wants to see ...the garage. I think I am going to be apologizing a lot through this.

This is actually the same side as the above picture. It is a portion of the house before the garages start. On the top floor is the children's playroom and underneath will be a future office for F. and a workout room. ( the spot-a-pot is a nice added touch to the picture, don't you think...not)

A continuation of that side of the house on the other side of the garages. The design of this side of the house is so spectacular that you don't even notice the garages.

 A portion of the right side back of the house. The first set of three windows is the breakfast nook and the area with windows above and below is the two story family room with fireplace

 Left side back of the house. She will have a window in her kitchen which will overlook this circular covered patio area. It will be a beautiful view.

We are in her dining room making some stud changes with the foreman. Besides building my own house, I had never worked with someone in the construction phase. It was so much fun!  Having a third party be able to look at the layout of a room while still in the stud stage saves you so much time and money. We found several areas where either space was not being utilized or the wall layout was not " furniture friendly". It was SO EASY to make these changes  because no walls were up yet. I highly recommend hiring a designer to give your house a walk through while in this stage. You will be so much happier with the end result and it will make decorating that much easier.

This area is part of the living room. It will house a baby grand piano. It will be such an incredible place for the kids to play. We bought an absolutely beautiful chandelier to go over the piano. I can't wait to show it to you.

Below these windows will be a beautiful custom built bar by an AMAZING carpenter, Mark Strouble. Any carpentry work I have I give to Mark. I can't wait to show you all that he has done. He truly has a gift.

Two story family room with fireplace.

This will house the built-in entertainment center in the two story family room. (also built by Mark)

Overlook into the family room. The little rounded area that protrudes out into the room is just one of the architectural details that makes this house so special.


Back hallway that runs the length of the garages and leads to the future office and workout room.

Another architectural detail on the ceiling of the hallway leading to the office and workout room. Beautiful!

Children's playroom

This is one example of poor space planning. This studded box is the shower. They cut the shower short because of the window above.  Basically they would of had this huge master bath with this super odd looking short shower. (Lets not even talk about the amount of dust that would have accumulated on top of that ledge). Then, they created this window area on the wall of the shower to allow natural light inside. Not attractive. So, we simply water proofed ( not as simple as that but didn't want to go in to all the details) around the already existing window and then included it inside the shower thus allowing for the ceiling height to be proportional to the shower size and adding natural light inside the shower. Very inexpensive fix since still in the stud phase.

The rest of the bathroom.

So there you have it! The first phase of many phases completed. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Can't wait to show you more!

Take Care,

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