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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Say Goodbye to Yellow

My husband and I built our house 9 1/2 years ago. It was such an exciting but also challenging time in our lives. MY husband's buisness was busier then ever and I had three children under the age of 5 with my youngest being just a year old. My builder would give me deadline dates for all the items I needed to have picked out and I would attempt to meet them. Taking 3 children to pick out tile or counter tops was not only crazy but at times down right histerical. I can only imagine what those salespeople talked about after I left. One of the last decisions I had to make was paint color. Lets just say by that point they could of graffitied the walls and I wouldn't of cared. I was maxed out on making decisions. So I decided to paint most of the house a yellow gold. We were planing on using our old furniture for a while and that color seemed to match everything and I thought it was neutral enough that it would go with anything I added.

Fast Forward nine years and I am ready for big changes. Not only are we ready to buy new furntiure for our family room but I am completely tired of yellow, red and green ( my current three main colors). I want something fresh, crisp, warm but clean looking.  I also want to draw the atttention away from the fact that I have three two story rooms on my first floor. I am hoping to do that by painting the walls a dark color to draw the eye down.

Saying Goodbye to Yellow

This color is by Sherwin Williams. It is called Sanderling and I absolutely LOVE it. By the way The person on the ladder is Josh. He is an amazing painter and I would recomend him to anyone!!! If you are local his website is http://ludwigpainting.com/index.html.

I am desperately looking for my before pictures so that you can really appriciate the transformation. I think my kids deleted them from my camera. Hopefully not, but either way I will reveal the room next post.

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