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Monday, November 12, 2012

Mirror Anyone?

It use to be that a person bought a mirror for its practical use. Today mirrors are more like pieces of art. You will see them set in some of the craziest of items yet look incredible hung in the right places. Some are very elaborate and others are extremely simple. But either way they can add a lot to a room.

Take a look at some mirrors used for both practical and decorative puposes.

Made out of seashells; both beautiful and practical

A simple, yet elegant mirror that helps add a lot of light to this room but definitely not used for its traditional purpose.

Now this mirror I think is so cute but strictly decorative. Just a small simple touch to this room.

I think these mirrors are perfect for this bathroom. They are slightly more decorative then a simple iron frame and look great with this floor and these sinks. I love this look!

Sunburst have been a trend for so long but are still a great decorative mirror to turn to when you want to  make a statement in the room.

Love the rustic look of these mirrors and they look great with this bathroom.

A tall narrow piece was need for over this fireplace. This mirror was the perfect idea.

Mirrors aren't just for inside. They are a great decorative touch on a covered porch.

I picked this mirror because I wanted to show you that mirrors can be made out of anything. This is a old mold that they probably painted and then set a mirror inside. Great idea.

I love mirrors and I love finding items to turn into mirrors.  I just finished painting some very elaborate frames. They definitely won't be for practical use.

Aren't they great! They will make beautiful mirrors and placed side by side will make quite a statement. They will be available in the studio soon.

Hope you like what you saw. I apologize for not sourcing some of the pictures. I search for images on my IPad and save them and there is no place to type the source. Some I can remember but most I can't. I love when their name is already on the picture.

Take Care,

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