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Friday, November 9, 2012

Do Your Walls Tell Your Story?

For me, decorating your home is the one place that should have NO RULES. It should reflect who you are as a family. It should make you smile ever time you look at it and should be a place where you feel warm, safe and comfortable.

(My girls definitely feeling comfortable in their home)

Having "art" on your walls helps enhance all of those feelings. To me, it should read like a wonderful book of short stories all of which are expressions of who you are or memories you have.

With all that said, it is sometimes hard to find the perfect piece to express a certain feeling or represent a wonderful memory. I have realized this in my many searches. Therefore I have decided to start creating pieces that I hope will touch all of you.

Below is my first SHM Designs pieces of art. I actually got the idea from Pinterest. Don't you just love that site. It is full of inspiration.

I love the simplicity of this piece. It was my first woodworking project and I am really happy with the results. The girls wanted me to keep it but I thought it would look perfect on the fireplace mantel in the studio.  (I guess that means I will be making one for our home). I sometimes having trouble finding that perfect stain color so I was super excited when I tried Cocoa from Sherwin Williams. Its color is very rich and warm and works perfect for this piece.

It was also the first time that I have made my own stencil. To help me with this, I purchased the Cameo Silhouette machine and I couldn't be happier. It is so easy to use and has the ability to do a wide range of projects. Get ready for a lot of new creations from SHM Designs.

Hope you like my first piece. Stop by the studio to take a look. I am also getting ready to upholster a few of the chairs that I have had in the studio. I found a great fabric outlet and picked up some beautiful fabric; perfect for a couple of chairs that I have.

Can't wait to show you pictures.

Take Care,

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