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Friday, April 1, 2011

A Day of Shopping For Inspiration

I refuse to let this dreary COLD weather get me down, so off to one of my favorite places to shop for GREAT FINDS: Lucketts Design House!  The minute I arrived, I forgot about the weather and was in my glory.  Room after room of fabulous home decor. Every room had something I wanted to take home.  I was snapping pictures constantly.  Take a look at what I found; you just have to get there!

I  usually am not an owl person, but for some reason I really like this arrangement. I think it's because it is so soft and soothing. (Sorry about the topiary in the middle of the picture. I am not the best photographer.)

This picture doesn't do the sunburst mirror justice. It was stunning!

I really like the texture of this chair. I wish it didn't have the dark wood on the arms. I would have liked it better without them. 

I love vintage suitcases stacked and used as a side table.

 Vintage theater seats which were in incredible condition.  Love them!

These next 4 pictures (including the one above) are all from the same room. This is a space that someone rents in the Lucketts Store building ( not the design house). Everything he does is in linen and burlap and his painted pieces are incredible. I highly recommend that if you like this style to make a trip. You won't be sorry.

So simple and beautiful.

Isn't his ceiling unbelievable!

Make sure when you go to look at the light fixtures.  They have a wide variety and some are very unusual. This one is made with pages of old books. (at least made to look like old book pages)

I don't know why, but I saw this women there the last time and I thought it would be great in a room. I just don't know what room that would be. 

A wonderful leather bench I looked at for a client. I thought it would be perfect at the end of her bed.

Aren't these bird pictures beautiful. (I love birds.) The distressed wood frames go perfectly with them.  I have a close-up below.

 Chalkboards made out of old wardrobe doors. What a great idea. Don't like the old wood, paint them.

You will find an amazing selection of old cut and stained glass window panes. Beautiful!

Need a really large clock? They have several of them.

Aren't these vintage swimsuits so cute. 

In this room everything is made from tin. What a cute mirror. Again it looks great as is or if you like the style but not the gray, spray paint it to give you a more updated look. When looking at pieces sometimes you need to think about the lines/style of the piece not the color because color is something easily changed.

Tin letters and numbers.

I found a set of  6 dining chairs; 4 open wood backs and 2 upholstered backs (pictured above).  I'm thinking about these for a clients dining room. I need 8 total but I thought I could paint the wood on the chairs white and then reupholster all of them in a blue/gray crushed velvet. Then, the other 2 remaining chairs (which mind you  I don't have yet) would  be large upholstered arm chairs and done in a printed fabric. Any opinions?

I have a new client whose screened in porch I will be decorating.  I am just at the very beginning stages of creating a design board and am looking for inspirational pieces. (And of course bargains). I knew I would find my inspiration here. As you all know I am constantly telling people to think outside of the box; don't settle for typical. So of course, that is just what I am doing.  I found this perfect wood table (pictured above) that could serve as there dining/ craft table (with a little TLC mind you). I know what you all are thinking: wood outside. Don't worry, first this porch is fairly protected, but as long as you choose a hard wood and seal it every so often it should be fine.

I thought this kitchen island would serve as an incredible bar on the porch.

This little mantle is so perfect for the person who wants the feel of a fireplace but can't have one. It came just as you see it. One unit with a mantel, painted brick edge and the creme wood backing. Filled with tiers of burning candles would be beautiful.

I loved these bamboo framed mirrors. They would be beautiful in a hallway, foyer, bedroom or bathroom.

Well as you can see I had a GREAT time.   I go every month that the Design House is open. If you ever want to go and get some help picking up a few items, let me know.

Take Care,

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  1. Stacey,
    I want one of each! It's actually funny because I considered driving down yesterday. Love that you mentioned the gentleman who works with linen/burlap etc. I have been swooning over a few Aiden Gray pieces. Hopefully, we nail down our house plans soon and I can move forward purchasing similar pieces.