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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How Does My TV Look ???

TVs have really come a long way. I am not talking about their technological ability or actual cost, I mean in regards to what we will do to make them look good. They have become a HUGE part of the Design Plan.

Before, the decorative solution for the TV was to hide them. We would buy a big armoire with doors so as not to be able to see anything. Unless in use, doors were to always be kept closed.

Now we put TVs everywhere and spend alot of money to make them look GOOD. They have become an important part of the rooms design plan. As a decorator, I have to become very creative in trying to balance both the husband's and wife's visions.  Men want them BIG; women want them PRETTY.

I have found some inspirational pictures of beautiful rooms with rather large but pretty TV designs.

I love this room. The deep browns against the crisp whites are such a great contrast and really make this room stand out. The TV is on the larger scale, but its size is visually minimized because they choose a black TV encased in a dark stained wood. This allows the large TV to blend very nicely with the decor of the room and actually helps to pull it all together.

Having a larger TV in this room works because your focal point is the fireplace. Not only is the fireplace centered on the wall unit, it is projected forward and sconces illuminate the center piece on the mantel.  You are instantly drawn to look there. The TV at this point becomes just a decorative part of this beautiful wall unit.

This is an example of a room that is small but takes advantage of every little space in a big way. Creating a unit the extends the whole width and length of the far wall not only provides one with alot of storage it actually (to me) makes the room feel bigger. Having items on shelves so close to the ceiling causes your eye to move the complete length of the wall giving you the impression that the ceiling is taller then it probably is. Also flanking the sides of the room with long couches accentuates the length of the room again making the room appear longer. Lastly, having the TV have its own "boxed "area gives the appearance that the TV is a framed piece of art work. This is definitely a room I would like to hang out in.

In this unit the designer has created individual spaces for arrangements to be placed to become one large piece of wall art. The TV has been creatively incorporated into this one large wall design.

Creating a unit under a picture window is a great way to distract ones eye when the TV is not in use. Guest will tend to not even notice the TV because what is at eye level is the view of the outdoors.

I have just had a new wall unit built for my TV next to my fireplace.

Lets hope mine will be as successful as the inspirational rooms were because of course my husband has ordered way to large of a TV. What is it with men and their big TVs anyway?

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  1. I sorry I forgot to post my sources. Most of the pictures were taken from Decor Pad. Thanks

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  3. Do you have any new pictures of your living room since you put the hutch in next to the fireplace? I am trying to do the same thing in our new house but wasn't sure how it would look. We have a window on the other side of the fireplace and didn't want the room to look off balanced.