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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Say Hi to Piper!

You know what they say Good Things Come In Small Packages. Well my GREAT surprise package this year for my birthday was;


She is so unbelievably cute I just can't stand it.  Her breed is a toy Morkie and as of right now she only weighs 1 lb 4oz. She is already at full size, which is about the size of 2 soda cans put together but should get to a weight of about 5lbs. We need to fatten her up a bit. Are last dog was an incredible dog and I swore I wouldn't get another because no dog could be so good; but then I started  missing a dog around the house and my youngest REALLY missed having one. Are life is crazy and my family thinks we a nuts but you only live once so you might as well add as much CRAZY as possible.

Besides how hard can something this little be..........

Stay tuned to find out.

Take Care,

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