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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Makeover Reveal

I am so excited to finally show you these chairs. They have been done for awhile but I didn't want to reveal them before my client got to see them and then Thanksgiving came and well you know how it is.. I was so wrapped up in taking a picture of them that I forgot to get a picture of the whole room. I really have to get better at this whole photography thing. Any way back to the chairs. I used Annie Sloan Pure White chalk paint and Annie Sloan clear wax.  I didn't distress the chairs because I wanted a more clean look ( but ithis paint makes distressing a piece of cake) If you are not familiar with this paint it is ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!!!!! It goes on so easy and adheres to anything. You don't have to sand or prime either. It is a must try. A little pricey but with the time you save and the fact that you don't have to prime (saving you the price of the primer) I totally think it is worth it.

Well ready for the reveal;

A before picture of the chairs:

In the process of painting. It was amazing how good they looked just after a fresh coat of paint.

After new paint and some really cute Greenhouse fabric, here is how they look now:

Aren't they unbelievable! I just love them. I didn't realize how old these chairs were until I took them apart. I thought I was just going to be applying new foam and staple gunning the fabric to a board, but when I discovered it had tied springs and webbing, off they went to my good friend Susan for her wonderful upholstery skills. I am so lucky to have her.  The pillows are done in another great Greenhouse fabric. You can purchase both of these fabrics and pillows though the SHM Designs Website.

These chairs were placed in the same room with the reupholstered couch I showed you a couple of weeks ago. Here is a reminder picture of what the couch looks like. Again it would have been nice had I taken a picture of the whole room. So Sorry!

Now time for some teasers:

This picture is the top section of an old desk that I picked up at a consignment store. The whole desk was painted a pea green and the doors were a metal mesh with a rust colored velvet behind it .Can you say outdated? Take a guess where its new home will be?

And one more piece that has left for Susan:

There are so many wonderful pieces out there ready to be redone. I am constantly learning new techniques to give them new life. If you are considering getting red of an old piece because you don't know what to do with it, please stop and give me a call. I will be happy to show you how you can change its look to something you will love.

Take Care,

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