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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dining Chair Makeover

I am getting ready to start my first makeover to be sold on my website and I wanted to give everyone a peek. I found these chairs at Goodwill -by the way goodwill is a great place to find furniture which needs a makeover but is in good condition and CHEAP!!- and I am finally ready to bring them back to life. My plan for them is to paint them in a high gloss black and then reupholster them. I think I have found the PERFECT fabric.

Before picture with a sample of the fabric:

The black geometrically lines of this fabic are a velvet so the color really pops against the white cotton fabric. Imagine the wood of these chairs painted in black with this fabric----SPECTACULAR. They would look great flanking a buffet in a dining room or a foyer table or even stunning in a office. The fabric is called Black Jack and is from Greenhouse Fabrics. I am a retailer for Greenhouse Fabrics and will be selling their fabrics on my website.

I will not have all of their fabrics online but can sell any of the them on thier website. You can view all of their fabrics at greenhousefabrics.com.

I am also a retailer for Duralee Fabrics and will have a variety of them on shm-designs.com but can sell any found on thier website: duralee.com. Duralee also carries a furniture line which SHM Designs will sell.

I would love to hear your thought on the chairs. I should have after pictures of the cane chair makeover this week as well as some update pictures on the Harrisburg house. Talk to you soon.

Take Care,

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