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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Inspiration at the New York International Gift Fair

The New York Gift Show was as always incredibly inspirational. There was so much to take in, I hardly knew where to start. I arrived that morning at 8:45 and went straight to the Piers. I could of stayed at Pier 94 for the whole day; and to be honest I almost did. The home decor was just amazing and the combination of colors ( I am really into lots of color lately) were magnificent!

Take a look:

Michael Clement is the artist of these lamps and vases. He is unbelievably talented and such a nice guy. All of his pieces are custom made; any style or color can be changed.

These bulb vases were so cute and for those who like botanical's these frames were perfect. They open up and you just slid your leaves or flowers right in. Changing your look is just that easy. Or use them for pictures or for your children's endless drawings. GREAT IDEA!

 Love this ottoman. I am designing a few for the studio now. So Excited!

 Love the colors.

 More ottomans

Wonderful bedding!

Love these old cameras and trophy's. Perfect for sitting on bookshelves.

Don't those trays make a great wall arrangement?

This was a dinosaur made out of simple wood pieces. So much fun! 

These were shells painted white and put in a simple frame. The backing of the frame was left off so that your wall color would be the background of the picture. Pretty neat idea. Perfect for a beach house.

I love these garden stools. They make great side tables or combine two for a coffee table. I also like that they can be used in or outdoors.

This light was just made out of wooden slats. Easy DIY project!

This pieces of this whale were just recycled pieces of different material. Again great idea and so easy to do. Just cut out any shape you like on a piece of plywood or foam board( if making a big piece this would be lighter) and then cut pieces of material to fill it in. SO SIMPLE!

Loved Loved these ottomans!!!!!

 and pillows!

Very expensive though because they were made out of vintage material. Oh well, will have to make it a DIY project!

Do you know what this display is? Trash cans spray painted. So Smart and Cute!

This is the artist that inspired me to use color. LOVE HER!!!!!

I actually bought these for the studio. They are so wonderful. I only bought 2 so I will let you know when they get here.

More in different colors. Let me know if you like them. They are the perfect throws in my opinion.

Lamps made out of old wine jugs.

Light made out of a conservatory roof. Great idea.

I love this picture.

Hope you are inspired!
Tale Care,

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