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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Eddie Ross and the DC Big Flea Market

Hello Everyone,

This Sunday was such an exciting day for me. First I got to spend the day with one of my best friends doing what I love to do most .... walking up and down aisle after aisle looking for fabulous finds. But what was a great added bonus was that  I got to see and listen to(for only a few seconds) one of my favorite designers and bloggers...........


I follow his blog eddieross.com  faithfully and always look forward to seeing his transformations. He has such an eye for home decor and accessories and really knows how to get the most for your money. Anyway, I actually knew that he was going to be there and was going to sign up to walk around and listen to him but wasn't sure want my time frame was, so didn't. I will definitely sign up for his next one. 

I was able to get a few shots of him from a distance.

It was a great show and I came home with a car load of goodies for a few cleints and my studio.  If you have a chance to go to the next one it is at the same place May 5 & 6. It is definitely worth the drive. I always like to go on Sundays because you get better deals. There were some booths that had everything 50% off.

Take a look at some of my finds:

I fell in love with this first piece. It is an old, cut glass canister which is so beautiful in and of itself, but what I discovered when I opened the lid was even more special.

When you open the lid this is what you find..... I had no idea what this was until the vendor selling it showed me......

This! It is a glass insert that you can fill with ice so that your beverage stays cold but doesn't get diluted. Besides needing polished.... It is in perfect condition.  What an incredible find!!!!!

I was super excited about this piece also.  It is a solid oak antique frame with absolutely beautiful carvings.  I am going to paint and wax it with Annie Sloan paint and dark wax and turn it into a chalk board. Another great find.

I thought these two chairs were so fun. I am going to paint them in a pure white and then add a colorful seat cushion. 

This piece will make a perfect side table with a basket to hold blankets or table in a bathroom to hold towels or toiletries or even in a child's bedroom to hold games or books.

I love these metal indoor/outdoor chairs!!! So much fun. New coat of paint and some cute fabric and these will be perfect anywhere.

Met a vendor who had 6 vintage suitcases in great condition.  Bought all 6 to make stacking side tables. 

I can never pass up a pretty chair or mirror. Loved this one. I am planning on painting it and putting it up for sale in the studio.

Loved this cute caned table. All it needs is a good paint job!

More suitcases in great condition!

Couldn't pass up on these beautiful cobalt blue martini glasses! Ten of them to be exact. Will probably use them for everything but martini's.

Well there you have it.... my Sunday flea market finds. Aren't they so much FUN.

Take Care,

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