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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Making Pieces POP WIth Turquoise

I hope everyone has been enjoying this incredible weather. I have been so spoiled with the warmth that when I woke up this morning and it was only 32 degree's I was a little disturbed. But  it has turned out to be another gorgeous day so I need to quit complaining.

Anyway............ with all this warm weather I have been able to get some painting projects done.  I bought this cute little mirror at a consignment store a little while ago and have been dying to paint it.

But it is sooo hard to decide on a color because there are so many great colors!

This is such a wonderful ornate mirror but because of its small size it needs, in my opinion, a bold bright color that screams " NOTICE ME I AM PRETTY"! So I decided to give it just that......


Turquoise is such a great color. It can be mixed with alot of other colors or stand completely on its own. Take a look at a couple of rooms done in turquoise which I found at:



In the above pictures, turquoise is combined with greens, blues, pinks, neutrals and even lavenders. Isn't amazing how well it goes with all of them. It is a color that's fresh and "happy"with just enough pop that makes you notice it but doesn't overwhelm you.

According to diy-stress-relief.com:

"Turquoise combines the calming, balancing qualities of green and the quiet flow of blue with the warmth of yellow."

Sounds like a perfect color to me.

Here's a look at my little turquoise piece.

I can't wait to hang it in the studio. It will give the perfect little POP to anyones room.

What color would you have chosen??? I would love to hear.

Take Care,

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