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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Before and After; Rooms and Furniture Given Some Needed TLC

Hello! Hope everyone is having a great day. It was an absolutely beautiful day today. Warm and sunny... I only hope that it is here to stay... I don't like to be teased when it comes to warm weather.

Anyway... I thought I would show you a few before and after photos.  You will surely tell right away that some TLC was definitely needed.

#1 Craigslist purchase for $10

Look how cute this turned out. This chair was completely taken apart down to the  frame. Everything except the frame is new...... Total cost of this project $609.

Compare my clients custom reupholstered chair to a new, store bought chair:

Pottery Barn $899+ shipping

Crate and Barrel $999 ( not tufted)+ shipping

#2 Craigslist purchase for $100

This settee I actually did for myself. It now sits in my family room and I love it!!!!
Total Cost of this project including fabric: $650

Compare my reupholstered 100 year old settee with two store bought settee's:

Ballard Designs: $1159.00 + shipping

Calico Corners: $1479.00 + fabric cost + shipping

So, as you can easily see, choosing to reupholster a vintage or antique piece of furniture will not only fit your room perfectly because you have customized it specifically for your space but, will SAVE YOU ALOT OF MONEY and be a great conversational piece.

Give it a try... I promise, you will be totally amazed and happy at the transformation.

I am constantly talking about how just giving your walls a new coat of paint will totally change the feel and look of your room. It can actually make your old furniture look new. Take a look at a clients house that I recently just finished.  All we did in this house was take down a lighted bulk head, mirror and a few pieces of molding and then added a fresh coat of paint and a few light fixtures. The room looks and feels completely different.

Take a look at the incredible before and afters ( remember I'm not a great photographer)


Left the moldings up behind the couch

Took the wall mirror and molding down.

That's the lighted bulkhead we took out and replaced with sconces.

Replaced the dining room light fixture.

Another picture of the molding and mirrored wall that we took down.

Front Door

The client had already renovated her kitchen and done a great job. She just had chosen the wrong shade of blue paint. It didn't go with the warmth of the back splash or cabinetry.


The walls in the living room were painted in Sherwin Williams Dormer Brown with the moldings and lighted bulk heads painted in Sherwin Williams Biscuit.

The dining room and kitchen needed a darker, warmer blue to blend better with the tile, counter tops and cabinets. We chose Sherwin Willaims Poolhouse and my client couldn't be happier. Just going with a couple shades darker gave both of these rooms a totally different feel. Before you would walk in these rooms and think how pretty but just felt something was a little off. Now the rooms feel complete. It has a very warm and cozy feeling that makes you want to hang out.

Isn't it just amazing what choosing the right color paint can do to a room. It can make such a HUGE difference for not alot of money.... especially if you paint the room yourself. Give it a try. Start with one room that just hasn't felt right and I promise you you will see and feel the difference.

Take Care,

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