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Monday, February 14, 2011

#7 Favorite Home Decor: Color

Windsor Smith

Color is one of the most exciting and versatile tools you have in decorating a room. You can take the plainest room, with the most simplest, inexpensive furnishings, and with the proper color, transform it into something incredible. Everywhere you look your eyes see color.  Whether you realize it or not, different colors cause different emotional responses.

Below is a list of colors in order of their popularity with most people, along with the impressions and moods they generally give: (source Penn Foster College)
  1. Red- strong, stimulating
  2. Blue- serene, cool, remote
  3. Violet- impressive, stately
  4. Green- restful, calm
  5. Orange- cheerful, warm
  6. Yellow- sunny, bright
With all this said however, you may respond to a color totally different then someone else because of your individual experiences in life. For example you may hate the color blue because as a child you had to wear a blue sweater to school everyday as part of your uniform. In this case, blue would not be the color to paint your room. Therefore, it is really important before starting a painting project, to understand how certain colors make you feel.

Paint companies are working hard to make deciding on color easier.  There are websites that allow you to experiment with paint colors. You can actually paint an online room to see how it looks. Here are two of those websites;

I've given you a collection of some beautifully painted rooms. While looking at these rooms, stop and think: How do they make me feel?
Jan Showers

Amy Morris & Emily Jenkins Followill Photography

Gina Kates

Angus Fergusson Photography

unknown source

 unkown source

unknown source

Taking the time to think about the mood you want to achieve in your home will bring you closer to creating a home that will always makes you smile. 

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