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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Best and Easiest Way to Choose a Room Color

I have been spending alot of time talking about color because it is what most people struggle with. WHAT COLOR SHOULD I PICK ??? I know its' hard.  You want to make sure you get it right. Well the easiest way I think to pick your room color is to start with an Inspirational Piece. Something that either has meaning or an item you fell in love with while on a shopping spree and just had to have. One reason that piece probably inspires you is because of its colors. Inspirations can come from anything, i.e. - a piece of furniture, a painting/picture, a rug or an object such as a vase. Whatever it is start with that and build from its colors.

The hallway pictured above uses a distressed cabinet as an inspirational piece.  This piece probably started as a simple stained wood cabinet which was distressed with blue grays and red tones.  Theses colors allowed the decorator to use both warm and cool colors in the room creating a visually balanced room. Using red for the door against the white walls creates an  impact but is softened by the neutral tones of the browns and beiges, soft shades of blues/grays and the various shades of reds used throughout the room.

The artwork above the fireplace is the inspirational piece for this family room. Like in the first picture, the walls are kept white, creating a neutral background for the bold colors used in the room.


In this room alot of items could have been the designers inspiration but I am going to choose the upholstered bed.  The designer wanted to give this room a crisp, clean, cool feeling. She achieved this by using various shades of blue and green. She created visual balance by using neutral colors of white and light wood tones.

The inspiration for this family room was the rug. The warm tones of the reds, browns and dark greens of the rug added to the already warm rustic feeling of this room.  Using the crisp white slipcovered couch and white cushioned chair created the visual balance needed in the room and the small accents of reds and dark browns throughout pulled the room all together. 

 I would love to hear your stories on choosing room colors. Send me a note in the comment box below.

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