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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Using Mirrors in Your Home

Decorating a home can at times be overwhelming and there is always a priority list( as there should be). When making your list, consider what will give you the "most bang for you buck". What will be functional and decorative at the same time.  In my opinion, mirrors are one of those items. Mirrors provide a special touch in home decor by adding light and creating the illusion of space. Mirrors are so versatile, that as a designer, I use them alot.

I love using mirrors especially in small or close areas. Because they reflect light, they can actually make a room brighter. Brighter rooms appear larger then they really are.

Green Design

Unknown Source

Palmer Weiss

Simply Seleta

Placing  long wall mirrors in a  hallway or small area can add a sense of width and depth , making the room appear larger. While part of this has to do with light, it also has to do with how the eye perceives the space when colors are reflected. Because of this color reflection, there is more for the eye to observe, which tricks your brain into thinking the space is larger.

unknown source

Emma Jane Pikington

Windsor Smith

Using a series of mirrors can create the same effect you would get from a larger mirror. Clustering several mirrors of different sizes, shapes and frames can also create an interesting decor effect.

Elle Decor


 If  mirrors do not fit your decorating style, try using a piece of furniture with a mirrored surface, such as a coffee table, dresser or side table.  Mirrored furniture not only looks beautiful in a room, if placed correctly, it will reflect light and function like a wall mirror.
unknown source

unknown source


Erin RBT

 I love the use of mirrors in these rooms!.

unknown source

In this photo, they used a series of mirrors. The vanity mirror is one large circle with several small rectangles attached. They are all reflecting light and color separately. Also, the vanity itself is mirrored.  See how it reflects the gold in the wallpaper. So beautiful!

unknown source

Eddie Ross

Justin Bernhardt

unknown source

Stacey Branford

Studio Ten 25

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