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Monday, February 7, 2011

#8 Favorite Home Decor- Mirrors

Just like pillows, mirrors are another inexpensive way to not only add to a room but also make a small room look larger. They are easy to find and extremely easy to update with just a can of spray paint.

These mirrors I bought for my house from auctions, thrift stores and inexpensive home stores.

I have two of these. One for each sink in my master bath

 I purchased both these mirrors from Tuesday Mornings ( local "overstock" home store). You have to dig through some junk, but you can find great deals. I paid $25 a piece for these and they are perfect in two of my bathrooms.

Auction purchase. Great in my dining room with these red walls.

The frame of this mirror is made out of tin. I purchased this at Second Chance which a non-profit organization in MD that gets items to sell from estate donations.

This mirror is in my daughters room.  Its frame is made out of recycled magazines.  So fun.

My advice to everyone in regards to buying mirrors, is think outside the box.  Be creative! If you find a mirror you love and at a great price, pick it up. There is always a place to put a mirror and they make great gifts.

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