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Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Perfect Find!

Definitely what my children would call an OMG!!! A farm in Leesburg, Virgina called Lucketts.

 I have been there three times and each time it gets better and better.  Basically it is a farm which has three old farm houses sitting on it.  The owner has converted the houses and the surrounding land into incredible home decor stores.  One of the houses is a Design House. It is open only one weekend a month ( sometimes not even that). They redesign the house for every opening and everything is for sale! 

Pictures inside the Design House.

The other two houses are open seven days a week and carry a variety of items from home decor to vintage clothing and linens.

It is definitely worth the trip.  On my trip this weekend my client and I found a dining room table, chandelier, lamp and clock.  We left  at 8:15am and were home by 1pm. I would say that was a productive day.
For more information go to Lucketts Store.

If you would like help shopping please contact me and ask about my design services.

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