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Friday, February 18, 2011

Using Color in Your Home: Painted Furniture


Color can be brought into a room in alot of different ways. As we talked about already, most people instantly think about painting their walls as a way to add color. My goal for the next couple of posts, is to get you thinking about all the other potential ways to add color.

#1 Painted Furniture:  I love painted furniture. It can add color and continuity to a room. It can also be the answer to decorating a room on a budget. New painted pieces can run from a couple hundred dollars to prices in the thousands. However, with a little elbow grease you can take an old piece, either given to you or picked up at a yard sale, thrift shop or consignment store and turn it into a beautiful custom piece.

Take a look at this video on how to paint a piece of furniture:

It's that easy! Try it on a old piece that you're thinking about throwing away.  Antique and vintage furniture have such incredible lines that you will be amazed at the transformation it will have after being painted.

Millstone Trading

Yvestown Photostream on Flickr



 Here is an example of what a little paint and new upholstery can do for that piece you are storing in your basement because its been in your family and you feel awful getting rid of it.

Old Settee

Old Settee

Look what updated paint and new upholstery can do. I had this done for a clients bedroom. We spent less then half the cost of what a new piece would of been. ( More pictures of the whole room to follow. We did alot of things like this. SOOO much fun!)

Hot Tip:

If the idea of painting a piece seems to time consuming, consider spray painting.  Rustoleum has some great products and a good selection of colors.  I have used their products on alot of my projects and have been very satisfied.  What's also nice is they have products for all surface types. Check out their website for more information and some great how to videos.: http://rustoleum.com/

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